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Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between. You have arrived. This is Lío – cabaret show espectacular, banquet dining, late-night dancing, and place of a thousand thrills, all in one. Once the sun sets, we come out to play, taking our guests by the hand into a world of high-octane hedonism and total, utter decadence. Leave your inhibitions at the door and discover your wild side, for a night you will never forget.

Our Locations

Hosting unforgettable nights in the world’s most glamorous destinations, each Lío offers something a little different, from beachside chic to big-city opulence. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed to find your heart racing at our irresistibly seductive entertainment. Come and find us…

Sí a todo

Esto es Lío

In a dazzling display of sequins, feathers, and fireworks, we roared onto the global nightlife scene in 2011 with the launch of Lío Ibiza. Like any bombshell, we knew how to make a showstopping entrance, stepping on stage to turn up the heat with out-of-this-world entertainment and muy picante performances. Nights have never been the same since. Over the years, we have become bigger, better (and even more audacious), evolving with new locations and ever more risqué cabaret shows.

The Lío Experience

A noche with Lìo is one you’ll never forget. We are so much more than a cabaret dinner show – we are a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience, a glittering, indulgent feast for the senses. A Lío reservation unlocks the door to an evening of fine dining, dancing, and the most thrilling performances you can dare to imagine. Why not join us? Come for the show, stay for the night…